Tales of a Zoom H4n – Ian Bland and The Lamington Drive Orchestra

Ian Bland and The Lamington Drive Orchestra @ Caravan Music Club
Ian Bland and The Lamington Drive Orchestra @ Caravan Music Club

Long-suffering readers will be well aware of Ian Bland (You can read all the previous entries about later MFI –  My Friend Ian ) So to bring you up to date Ian has a new album out it’s called Angel in Reverse and Saturday was it’s CD launch.

The venue was one that I hadn’t been to before, Caravan Music Club (it’s over the other side of town) and it’s a ripper. The sound was just wonderful.

The first track here is my favourite song on the album, “My Fathers Ashes”, this is a ripper performance. Ian and the band just nail it.

Have a listen


This next song is called “King Of The Singles Bar”, the band was augmented by Marty Smith on 2nd violin. Greg Hunt did a great strings arrangement and I just had to included this version

Thanks to Caravan Music and the band for a truly memorable evening.

ZoomH4nBoring Tech Stuff:
The Zoom H4n recorded in Stereo @ 44.1kHz/16 bit. It was sitting on the table, we were left of centrewith the micc just point at the stage. Chopped the recording up in Soundforge and added 3db of volume over all.

The room is an old RSL hall, rectangular the PA set left and right of the stage.



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  1. You forgot to include in the Boring Tech Stuff that your your little Zoom H4n friend sleeps in a little plastic coffin when not living the life of a music undercover agent.

    THanks for asking me along Thatch. It was a great night. Oh, and Ian wasn’t bad either.

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