HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet II

Ah Yes I really must create that Cheat Sheet Category.

This is from the “I Love Jack Daniels” site. HTML Character Entities Cheat Sheet.

So whats a “HTML Character Entity” when it’s at home? We discussed them a a while back in the Xhtml Character Entity Reference Post, you remember, the most common character entities such as & (the ampersand), < and > (The < and > symbols) and so forth get turned into &# and a number. Thet are really useful for tm and copyright symbols as well.

In keeping with the other Jack Daniels Cheat sheets , there’s a thumbnail of the cheat sheet and brief description. It’s really pretty simple, this time . There are four columns. Each of those columns is further divided into three. On the left is the actual code for the character. In the middle, the character itself, and on the right, the description of the character. The PDF prints out a lovely dead tree version.

And that’s it!

Another fine product.


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