A Single Place For Your Notes- Part II

By now you might have heard of Web2.0 and thought “So What”? Lets go and see what a Web 2.0 editor looks like. Maybe the place to keep all your notes is on the internet.

Lets start with 37 signals collaborative writing software Writeboard. This Web2.0 app makes it easy to write, share, revise, compare different versions of a document with colleagues on copy, proposals, memos
My favourite part is the idea of subscribing to documents via RSS and be notified of changes and you can keep your writings organized with Backpack integration. (We’ll talk about Backpack tomorrow)

JotSpot Live
JotSpot Live allows you, your colleagues or clients to take notes together on the same web page at the same time. Imagine everyone simultaneously typing and editing the same Microsoft Word document and you’ll get the idea.
JotSpot Live provides a light-weight Wiki-like solution to collaborative note-taking. Users create pages that can be edited in real time by others within an invited group. JotSpot aims–and succeeds to a point, although the site still has a fair number of bugs–to make the process easier and more transparent to the average business user than a traditional Wiki. The interactive editing tools feel like a word processor, which is a huge plus in my opinion

Now for the one that I think interests me the most, SynchroEdit is a browser-based simultaneous multiuser editor, a form of same-time, different-place groupware. It allows multiple users to edit a single web-based document at the same time, and it continuously synchronizes all changes so that users always have the same version. We are talking a WYSIWYG editor, a simple, text-only editor for more basic documents. To keep everyone on the same page (so to speak) every user’s changes are highlighted in a specific color and it also marks where each user is currently editing with a colored flag listing the user’s name.

It’s in alpha currently and best of all it’s open source. How cool is that?

OK, so they are all light, fairly easy to grasp, they “play well with others” and you get the idea?

Next time, Backpack and Todo Lists.


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