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Good morning another week and only 60 something days ’til Christmas, for a more precise count checkout. (It’s a great little javascript) (you really wanted to know that didn’t you?).

This is from the New York Times.

If there is an institution that the fictional James Bond made famous with all his derring-do it was, to quote from the thriller and movie of the same name, Her Majesty’s Secret Service.”

At midnight Thursday 14th, the service was not quite as secret as it had been. Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, or MI6 – the equivalent of the Central Intelligence Agency – introduced its first publicly accessible Web site, raising the hem of its sheet (they are spooks after all) to just a modicum of scrutiny and this from an intelligence service once so secret that it denied its own existence

Although how secret you can be when The Secret Service’s headquarters is a bloody big building on the banks of the Thames.

According to the service’s Web site, a “family atmosphere” prevails. So are we are talking Caspar the friendly spooks? They scored 3.5 million hits in the first couple of hours, here is the site so you can be bored too.

Actually, I’m not fooled, there is a scary cult television show called Spooks and it’s got gadgets and computers and scary people just like the “real” Secret Service should have. “Family atmosphere” indeed. Spooks has a much better website.

News from Phil… (You remember Phil. We’ve blamed him for stuff before) Well according to Phil “They’ve finally decoded Cropcircles”. (and the answer was 42… naaah I just made that up)

While we are on the topic of science. Here is a Google map of all the UFO sightings in the states.

Also from Phil, a new photography challenge – Camera Toss! Set the camera on long exposure, click the shutter, and toss it in the air… (They look so cool)

Phil also notes “I recommend adding the instruction
“Catch it again when it falls”,
just in case one of the great unwashed (or an American) wants to try this. Better to be on the safe side.”

Thanks Phil keep up the good work… and get a life. (hmmmm look who’s talking) and I’ll send the Spooks your address.

Ooh we haven’t had a game, well there are a couple up on the blog. Have a look at all the recent “Mondays” stuff

Some of you might be interested in the “Audio Stuff” Section, we have some more nice new toys from the AES at the moment.

Have a good week.

Check the blog every so often it’s updated at least daily with a “Mondays” fix probably every second day or so if you are interested and if the material is around. for stuff.

Also let me know if you’ve had enough and don’t want this any more



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