Repartition Hard Drive without Reformatting

HardDriveWhen you buy a new computer, the hard drive partitions are usually already set up for you. If you put in a new hard drive, you need to decide on the partitioning at set up time. The problem with both of these situations is that things change. You may decide you don’t want everything in one big partition for a variety of reasons (you are finally going to try that Linux install), but Windows gives you no options for changing your partitions other than reformatting and losing all of your data. There are excellent programs, like Partition Magic, that will let you resize and create partitions without losing data. But Partition Magic costs around $60 and it isn’t a program you are going to use everyday.

Well,there is a way to change your partitions without reformatting and without buying any additional software. Have a stroll over to Help2Go – How to Repartition Hard Drive without Reformatting and see how to do it.

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