Build A Terabyte File Server

Over at Information Week is an article by Fred Langa titled A Complete Terabyte File Server For About US$500 that makes you almost want to move to America. The price of “stuff” there is so cheap. and of course then there is the big question…
What would I do with 1TB of storage? A Terabyte is a thousand gigabytes. A million megabytes.

Well I could keep all the episodes of the Gilmore Girls and only just dent the space, probaly 250,000 mp3’s would go nicely, stop worrying about how much space the photos are taking up and so on.

Fred’s guide is pretty detailed,he discusses choosing your drives, motherboard, and case. And then the fun begins. Configuring the OS (he picks Puppy Linux but discusses over Windows as well), oh and there’s lot’s of piccies as well.

Any way here is some of the background to the article from Fred

A short while ago, I received a challenge from a reader who didn’t believe me when I said in print that it was possible to put together a brand-new terabyte (1,000 Gbytes) file server for around $500. Well, you can, and I did. The example system I put together now resides on the far side of my office, offering up a thousand gigabytes–that’s a lot of disk space!–as network storage on my office LAN.

Highly reccomended, especially if you chew through disk space like I do.

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