Search users ‘stop at page three’

In case you were wondering about why it’s important to have a good position in the Google’s page rankings, here’s a cheery little snippet from the Beeb.

According to an article over at the BBC NEWS

Search users ‘stop at page three’

Most people using a search engine expect to find what they are looking for on the first page of results, says a US study. At most, people will go through three pages of results before giving up, found the survey by Jupiter Research and marketing firm iProspect.

So is any one actually suprised by this?

and while we are on the subject of Google. Have a look at Google Press Center: Zeitgeist

Search patterns, trends, and surprises according to Google

Zeitgeist Explained
zeit·geist | Pronunciation: ‘tsIt-“gIst, ‘zIt | Function: noun | Etymology: German, from Zeit (time) + Geist (spirit) | Date: 1884 | Meaning: the general intellectual, moral, and cultural climate of an era.

We regularly update Zeitgeist by Country to reflect tidbits of information relating to the searches made by Google’s global community of users. We add more countries as we can, so check back often.

Now this is stats on a humungous scale. Google’s search statistics are automatically generated based on the millions of searches conducted on Google over a given period of time – weekly, monthly, and yearly. They point out that when they generate the Zeitgeist reports, no individual searcher’s information is available or accessible. (Does this mean that they have the individual data… of course they do).

I wonder how the Germans say “World Domination?


Google have released Google Trends. You enter in one or more search terms and Google Trends displays a line graph indicating the frequency of other people entering that search term against a timeline with any Google News stories on the given topic shown as points. Cute toy.

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