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One of the really amazing things about doing this is the email that I get back from some of you. OK it’s not quite “ABC? I want to complain…” but it does amuse me. Hence last weeks short missive letting you know that it wasn’t your corporate net nannies that had stopped the mail (Shades of “Stand and Deliver”) and it included the weekly Flash Game. The reason being if I forget to include a game, I get mail… not one or two pieces but 20 or 30 all with the same message “Where’s the game?” and before you know it my Monday Morning is being impeded (“Justice” I hear you cry).

But today we are going to chat about the current number one topic of email… Scotch. Well to be more accurate ice and Scotch. It would seem that the Scotch police are on my case. My crime? The ice. Yep, world poverty, the RIAA’s excesses, my weekly silliness all pale into insignificance compared to me dropping a few iceblocks in a glass of Single Malt.

Here is a small diversion (Jools found this and it cracked her up.

Lets have a look at one of the brighter pieces of correspondence that has been entered into on the topic.

Chris O wrote:
Look Thatch, I’m really concerned about this ice in your single malt and it’s deleterious effect upon your quality of life….Have you thought of freezing some scotch so you have whisky iceblock in the whisky…..?
Av a good week

So I wrote back

Thatch wrote:
And you too shall have Blame…. pity it doesn’t freeze.
Single Malt ice blocks… mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. On a stick mmmmmmmmm Single Malt granita… now we are talking
er sorry drifted off there.
Did you score a day off? or are you flogging icecream (and iceblocks?)

And he wrote …

Chris O wrote:
Floggin’ tho its hard work today…very quiet up here.
Now we have a granita machine…..if you’d like to mosey on up here with your scotch of choice we can indeed do whiskey slurpee’s.
As for frozen scotch… I’ve had it. Back in the Jacaranda Press days, I signed up the two mad scientists who did the kids science show of the time (called “The Curiosity Show”, go figure)… we did the book series launch at Channel 9 in Adelaide and these guys , first off, hit scotch with liquid nitrogen to get the adults interested….guess what, It worked?
Very Nice.
But I believe you can get close with dry Ice….an old rocker like you must know where to find some of that.
And then Thatch wrote:
This is so going in blame next week

And then Chris O wrote:
I hope u r not trying to use “Blame” as a threat….if you are, let me threat back…..I am prepared to notify the following interested parties of your dilution of single malt with frozen water {an assortment of folk musicians names of the Scottish persuasion. Removed to protect their drinking habits, oh and they were all bigger than me}
So…Owz that?
And whilst I think of it, doesn’t the addition of Ice to Scotch increase the exhaust of Green house gases into the atmosphere….Thus a multiple pollution both of the scotch, the planet and the Temple which is your body?…Oh OK, the religious ruin of interest which is your body!
One can only hope that your time resident in Geelong gave you a passion for Corio 5 star and then none of us will care about the ice.
And in case you are feeling got at……. do you know that in our house we put “Coke” in the Balantyne’s 18 yr old we bought cheaply from {removed}…feel vindicated?
Have a productive week…(someone ought to)…
Love to Jools

Now this exchange as you can see was polite, well mannered and the tip of the proverbial iceberg (sorry). It should be pointed out about now that in Scotland, Scotch Whisky tends to be enjoyed straight or with a little water, and if my vague grasp of physics hasn’t completely deserted me water and ice are essentially the same thing with just a slight difference in temperature… so what’s everyone’s problem?
For more Scotch whisky information: (as found by Jools)

So with an unrepentant soundtrack of ice clinking in a glass of single malt it’s time to “Allez Sillies”

Continuing the theme of Scotch and my intake thereof, this weekend Jools and I went to the 30th “Festival Of The Sun”, a party held annually by Rob and Doreen. Thank you as always for a wonderful evening and I look forward to another 30 years. Ian (yes that’s My Friend Ian  of MFI fame) had his band playing, and there will be another in the series of “things you can do with a Zoom H4” over at thatchspace during the week. But the really cool bit was Ian performed a couple of his solo tracks, just voice and guitar so here is a great version of “Kilcunda Wind” and you can check out some more of his work at or his myspace site.

This is an old favourite, there have been variations of this for a couple of years now but this one is a ripper. Have you ever wished a particular website would be attacked by aliens? Cut in half by a chainsaw? NetDisaster is a site designed to allow you to trash your favourite (or least favourite. Micro$cum?) website in a variety of different ways. You have a selection of natural disasters, old faves like floods, meteors dinosaurs but the one that cracked me up was Led Zeppelin. Plus there are about another 40 or so disasters to choose from, something for everyone. And in the spirit of Web 2.0 and all that sharing stuff, finished disasters can be shared via email or a link on your website. Wonderfully silly, totally pointless and a wonderful “Impediment To Productivity”

This week duggup has a new home and a new URL, people were getting confused between Not Dead Yet and duggup, mainly because we used them interchangeably. So to tidy up everyone’s life it is now just (all the old links still work, I had some fun writing that bit of code). So what’s over there this week? Well we had the usual eclectic crop, Jools was taken with Namast‚ they create a tasty piece of New Age music. My favourite this week is “Okkervil River” who are in Melbourne later this month and have a look at “Blue King Brown”. Just brilliant. Stroll over and check them out.

Game Time: Jools is currently denying having a good time searching out impedimentia, they all just leap onto her screen by magic. Sounds suss to me, this week’s contribution is quite a bit different…
“This is a time waster providing considerable entertainment. I recommend this one because it is inventive and really challenges your powers of observation.
Love, Jools ”
Needless to say we wont be discussing my performance on this one either.

Have a good one


{Currently listening to Ian Bland and Mad Violet (I have my ticket for next week).}
{Currently reading: The SBS 2003 Manual. Oh Goody }
{Quick Status Check: Hmmm, Going To Hell especially if the Scotch police catch up with me}
{Crop Circle Status: It’s not long to May now (about 79 sleeps) and the games will begin again. }

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