Tales of A Zoom H4n – Shane Howard & Band – Colac

Well that was huge fun. Jools and drove down to Colac (160 kms)and it was a good run, although it rained off and on all the way. So why the hell were we driving all that way in the cold and the rain? Simple. Shane Hpward was doing a gig premiering the songs from  his… Read more »

A tale of two (Music) websites and why using Bandcamp wins

I started writing this on Facebook while waiting for the servers to reboot/verify (overnight power outage) and then thought I would pop it here instead. Let’s start with some background (get comfy this is a bumpy ride) Every month FolkCast, put out a podcast that arrives in my MP3 player and provides 1 hour and… Read more »

Tales Of A Zoom H4n – Danny Spooner – Albert Park

It’s been ages since Jools and I have been down to Harmony Row @ Albert Park and frankly I have to wonder why we have left it so long. Cliff sent out (just subscribe to his email list – trust me) that Danny Spooner was playing and that was enough for Jools. We were going. In… Read more »

Tales of A Zoom H4n – Madison Violet – Portarlington

It’s been 4 years since their last trip to Australia and Madison Violet have finally returned. AND to top it off they are playing at Harvester Moon, quite a no-brainer really, a quick phone call to Dominic and we had a table booked. We were off….

Jools bought me an iPad

Once again the annual “Thatch is ignoring his birthday” rolled around like clockwork (damn you Isaac Newton), but this year Jools had plans (insert scary music here), big plans. Jools had decided that I didn’t have enough toys (seriously. Isn’t she wonderful.) and that what I needed was an iPad 2. Now the truth be… Read more »