A Not To Do List

A Not-To-Do List

Today is the day you start your project.
Wake up. Make your coffee. Sit down. Get to work.

Now, it should be that simple. Wake up and get to work.

But there are many distractions. Mental and otherwise.

So this is NOT a to-do list.
This is a not-to-do list.
You don’t need to check anything off, because these are things YOU ARE NOT SUPPOSED TO DO.

And so begins 52 Projects: A Not-To-Do List, it’s great. I think I should put at the top of every project setup list.

You could probably add “Don’t read Impediments on a Monday” to it as well.

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  1. Although the presentation of the idea may seem amusing, I find the idea itself to be very serious. Sometimes, getting important things done, i.e. lifetime ambition kinda things like composing an album of music, DO require a level of focus that excludes ‘normal’ stuff like keeping the house clean, staying in touch with friends, going out to gigs or movies, etc. etc. (Spoken with the voice of experience…)

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