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Well it’s a bumper crop this week and there is a a lot to get through. this week,

Lets begin with “the Yarts” How many of us have been down to the local gallery and seen Blue Poles by Jackson Pollock (I will put my hand up as being one of those who think it’s great, although the small amount of Lee Krasner’s work is pretty cool as well… but I digress) or the posse that followed after him? Want to see if you would make a good Abstract expressionist painter, but aren’t thrilled with that whole mess involved with using paint?

Have we got an answer for you, thanks to the kind folks, you can be a abstract expressionist painter! What’s really cool is that just like paint you cant change your mind, once its down, it’s down. And it all starts with a blank canvas. Hours of fun, OK minutes. but it is fun.

Next lets have a movie.. “Blame” this week goes to Andie. Although I do like the way she tries to move the blame along the food chain by blaming her mythical friend Howard who blames his imaginary friend Tony

“Hi Thatch, from my mate Howard…

> Thursday, September 28, 2006
> Last Laugh: Bunny funnies
> < >
> Every so often a site comes along that’s so fantastic it makes you thankful
> that Bill Gates invented the Internet*. So it is with the work of Angry
> Alien Productions. Animator Jennifer Shiman recreates classic movies with
> cute bunnies as the stars, and she manages to tell the whole story in just
> 30 seconds.
> So you can relive the fun of films like Alien
> < > , Pulp Fiction
> < > , Star Wars
> < > , Scream
> < > , Titanic
> < > , A Christmas Story
> < > (one of my faves) and
> plenty more.
> It’s a brilliantly simple idea, well executed. And because it’s flash
> animation and only 30 seconds long, it doesn’t take long to load. Shiman has
> been doing these cartoons for a couple of years and now has the sponsorship
> of US pay TV network Starz.
> Thanks to Tony for bringing this excellent site to my attention.
> *actually a joke, there’s no need to post comments decrying my ignorance.
> **see above.
Howard Joseph “

Now onto some Craft. Remember when you were a kid and wanted a fire truck birthday cake or the like. well check this out . This is a wedding cake in the form of the Great A’Tuin, the galactic turtle on whose back the four elephants that support Terry Pratchett’s Discworld stand. The cake A’Tuin has marzipan elephants that support a rolled fondant icing Discworld with hand-painted landmasses and miniature cities.
The Disc landmasses are cut from rolled fondant icing, with topographical features moulded in marzipan. These are positioned on a round cake board. Landmasses are coloured, and the seas are added by “flooding” the low areas with blue liquid icing to produce the appropriate continent shapes. At the edge, a black marzipan bevel collar is attached so that the liquid icing produces the Rimfall effect. Basically, take it as read. You want it, (if you haven’t read Discworld you will still be impressed)

Performance art next. Robots and flamethrowers. Not really a lot else to be said? &

Rack and Roll, Iggy and The Stooges and Literature. This is hilarious, The Smoking Gun (whose fastidious regard for the laws of privacy are widely known . they ignore them at every possible opportunity) this is the current contract rider for the band. I mean I was laughing my head off all the way through this. I should point out that there is a language warning, but you already knew that from the Iggy reference at the top

And lastly some of the highlights from over at
I still find myself wondering about these two acts
Jools discovered Marni Sheehan (she’s from Oz)
And Bland discovered Amaya Laucirica (so is she)

As usual have a good one

{Currently listening to Larry Coryell and Leonard Cohen. next weeks listening will be brought to you by the letter J }
{ Currently reading: Head Rush Ajax. and wishing there was time to do it justice }
{ Quick Status Check: Wallet? Check! Backpack? Check! Still going to hell? Absolutely }
{Crop Circle Status Check: Over ’til next year}

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