Tales Of A Zoom H4n – Ian Bland @ Melbourne Folk Club

Jools and I both decided to go out and see some live music and seeing that My Friend Ian (MFI) had scored  a gig at the Melbourne Folk Club, that seemed like a great place to start. The Melbourne Folk club is currently down in West Brunswick and seems to have a fairly wide ranging selection of styles… Read more »

MFI at the Brunswick Music Festival

Well once again the Brunswick Music Festival rolled around (it’s the opening of festival season – sort like daffodills and spring). This year My Friend Ian (hereinafter MFI as usual) played on the PBS  Roots stage for the Sydney Rd Street Party , it’s the opening event of the festival.  He had the band  (Ian… Read more »

Tales Of A Zoom H4n – Liz Frencham & Pete Fidler

Back in Early October My Friend Ian (MFI) scored a gig at the Clifton Hill Hotel, he was performing as a duo with Ed Bates.  BUT this isn’t about him (soon, soon my dark pet) this is about Liz Frencham & Pete Fidler. All I can say is Wow, I remember hearing Liz play in… Read more »

Leave Our Gigs Alone

Jools and I went to see Ian and The Lamington Drive Orchestra (and yes this is the infamous MFI Ian for those of you who came in late). Needless to say I  had my bag of toys with us and for once all our tech worked. This is one of those priceless moments where you… Read more »

Zoom 20090531 – Doodle

Here is number 2 in my “dilettantes with toys” Sunday morning recordings. It’s funny I started out with a totally different idea this morning and the bloody thing mutated into this. As an idea, I would have to say it’s about half formed, when I listened to the playback I could hear a whole bunch… Read more »

Zoom 20090503: For Jools

As I mentioned I have a new guitar, and showing you a picture of it , while all well and good on the “Oooh. Shiny” meter. Well lets face it, you really need to know what it sounds like and ooh shiny just isn’t a good enough description. So I recorded me playing a little… Read more »